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First Date for Men: Summarizing all you need to know

First Date for Men, dating advices
  1. Always be on time. A gentleman should never keep a lady waiting. If you're running late because of unforeseen circumstances, call your date and let her know your estimated time of arrival. Don't show up too, early though. Women will need every available minute t to get ready. Don't anger your date off by showing up early while she's still in her bathrobe. You might embarrass her because you caught her without her best face on and she'll feel pressured to rush getting ready because you're sitting on the couch. That's not a good way to start off.
  2. You must pick her up at the door. Always compliment the way she looks. Some women spend a lot of time prepping for a first date. Let her know that you appreciate it by complimenting her.. It should be the first thing you do when you walk into the house.
  3. Always open the car door for her. Show your date some chivalry by opening the car door for her. Offer her your hand for support as she slides into the car. Ensure all embarrassing things are safely inside the car before you shut the door.
  4. Don't play any music, try talking. The first dates are for getting to know a woman. There's no better way to do get to know someone than by talking with them. The radio can act as a tool to avoid awkward moments of silence. If you have music on, both you and your date will probably do more listening than talking. Force yourself to converse with your date by leaving the music off.
  5. Remember to inform your date exactly what you plan to do. If she looks a little unsure about the plan, reassure her. Also, be open to any changes to be made with the actual plan. The plan is not important, having a good time is. So always make sure she is happy.
First Date for Men, dating advicesThe fact is that your date would want you to be yourself. But being yourself means also ensuring that you are able to display yourself in your very best behavior. It is also important to not be tense. The one thing that can be a huge turn off is the nervousness and the anxiety that becomes obvious from your body language. Your date would much rather see a more relaxed and calmer side of you  
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